What is an education foundation?
An education foundation is an organization that raises funds through individual and corporate contributions, grants and fundraising events. Funds are then awarded as grants to support various programs, events, technology and training in the schools.

Why now?
The Freetown-Lakeville Education Foundation was established in 2012 by a group of local parents who were frustrated by budget cuts and concerned about the future of education in our district. The Foundation is a proactive way to fund projects that go over and above those normally supported by local, state and federal funding, and enhance learning experiences.

Isn’t that what PTOs are for?
PTOs generally manage programs designed to enhance learning experiences in a particular school. An education foundation has a broader focus, supporting programs throughout the school system and funding training and technologies that may fall outside the boundaries of PTOs. Education foundations enhance the important work other organizations like PTOs and boosters do to support the schools.

How does it work?
The Freetown-Lakeville Education Foundation raises funds through individual and corporate contributions, grants and fundraising events. The majority (70%) of pooled contributions is allocated to the general fund, which is then awarded by the Board during a grant cycle. To ensure that funds are available to sustain excellence in the years to come, a portion (30%) of donations is allocated to grow the foundation’s endowment fund.

The Freetown-Lakeville Education Foundation is a fund of the Community Foundation of Southeastern Massachusetts, which is a 501 (c)3, tax-exempt, public charity that provides professional support and fiscal oversight to the foundation. For more information, please see www.cfsema.org. All contributions to the Freetown-Lakeville Education Foundation are tax deductible.

Who allocates the money raised by an education foundation?
The foundation’s governing Board of Directors, consisting of representatives from Freetown and Lakeville, reviews all applications and awards grants during a grant cycle. While the education foundation is independent of the school system, the Foundation works with an advisory panel of teachers and school administrators to review and support grants that make the strongest impact on student learning.

What can I do to help?
The Foundation is made possible by generous parents, residents and businesses who share a commitment to our public schools and recognize that supporting our students and educators is essential to a strong community. We welcome monetary donations to fund future programs, or generous donations of time. We need volunteers to support our various fundraising events, coordinate volunteers, provide administrative support, or support community and corporate outreach. Please contact us to learn more.

Can I submit a grant for consideration?
Faculty-mentored students, faculty and administration of the Freetown-Lakeville Regional School District will be eligible to apply.  Please consult our Grants section for more grant guidelines, applications and deadlines. To ensure the success of future programs, all grant recipients are required to submit a written evaluation of their project upon completion.

What kinds of grants will be supported?
We ask that faculty and administration carefully consider programs that enhance the learning experience and encourage a love of learning for students in our district. Examples include programs that enrich core curriculum, workshops, performances, subject-specific experts, supplemental materials, professional development to expand course offerings for students, faculty-mentored student projects or research, or programs that encourage collaboration across grades and schools. Or perhaps there are other innovative ideas that have not yet been considered!