Application Process

The Freetown-Lakeville Education Foundation (FLEF) is focused on enhancing the quality of education throughout Freetown and Lakeville regional schools. Through ongoing philanthropic efforts, the foundation raises funds to finance projects that go beyond those normally supported by local, state and federal funding. This grant program offers faculty and school administrative staff the opportunity to imagine, develop and fund programs that enhance education and encourage a love of learning in our schools.

Call for Entries

FLEF is currently seeking grant applications for the 2017-2018 school year. Faculty and administration of the Freetown-Lakeville Regional School District are eligible to apply. FLEF has established a total maximum amount of $5,000 for this grant session, with a goal of awarding multiple grants throughout the schools in the district.

Proposal Guidelines

Examples of grants could include programs that enrich core curriculum, workshops, performances, exhibits, subject-specific experts, supplemental materials or equipment, professional development to expand course offerings for students, faculty-mentored student projects or research, or programs that encourage collaboration across grades and schools. Or perhaps there are other innovative ideas that have not yet been considered!

Program Evaluation

To ensure the success of future programs, all grant recipients are required to submit a written evaluation of their project upon completion. An evaluation form will be provided to grant award recipients when notified of awards. Please include photos whenever possible to help the foundation with future promotional and fundraising efforts.

Application Process and Deadline

Grant applications must be completed on the appropriate Application Form and submitted to your school principal by June 22, 2017.

Principals will review all applications to ensure any programs involving technical equipment or installation are appropriately supported by operations, and if necessary, additional costs are included in the grant. FLEF’s Board of Directors will accept and review all approved grants, and notify grant award recipients by September and the start of the school year.

Please direct any other inquiries to the Freetown-Lakeville Education Foundation at