Grants in Action

The Freetown-Lakeville Education Foundation’s grant program is not possible without the support of our generous donors and volunteers. Thank you to our wonderful teachers, administrative team and the FLRSD School Committee for their commitment to our schools and efforts to bring these programs to life.  FLEF is pleased to have fulfilled the following grants.

2017-2018 School Year

Jill Stonehouse-L’Heureux, Freetown Elementary School
Combination adjustable soccer, lacrosse and hockey nets for use by all students to enhance Physical Education programs.

Robert Baker and Maureen Jones, Freetown-Lakeville Middle School
Using the engineering design process, seventh grade students will work in teams to design and build arcade games with new and repurposed materials.

Melissa Lever and Katlyn Gallagher, Freetown-Lakeville Middle School
Eighth graders will use physics concepts to construct functioning paper roller coasters in a team setting.

Edward Medeiros, Freetown-Lakeville Middle School
Increase number of students able to participate in the First Lego League Team and compete in local area robotics events.

Lynn Eddleston, Freetown-Lakeville Middle School
Enable sixth graders to work as a grade to solve a variety of “Mind Games” including an archaeology unit, math scavenger hunt and problem-solving mazes.

Kathy Martin and Nieve Wright, Freetown-Lakeville Middle School
Sixth graders will collaborate, research and design projects designed to minimize the effects of erosion in nature.

Krista Lima, Apponequet Regional High School
Fund a collaborate project for the AST (Art-Share-Travel) Club to create and install a large-scale mural inspired by the high school’s core values.

Julie O’Brien, Apponequet Regional High School
Purchase and installation of an IMC Collaboration Station, technology what enables all high school students to share ideas and communicate on a big-screen monitor using laptops, phones or other electronic devices.

Bonnie Tate, Apponequet Regional High School
Vernier Chemistry Technology to enhance science lab investigations.

Justin Glen, Apponequet Regional High School
Supplies and technology to build an Augmented Reality Sandbox for use in Earth Science and Environmental Science classes.

2015-2016 School Year

Francine Veilleux and fellow first grade teachers, Freetown Elementary School
Collection of nonfiction leveled books for first grade classrooms to support reading development and expose students to interesting and relevant topics, ideas and concepts.

Kindergarten teachers, Assawompset Elementary School
Sand and water activity centers for kindergarten classrooms to be used for sensory exploration, teamwork, hands-on learning and experiments.

Nicole Gracia, George R. Austin Intermediate School
A collection of “Mathemetizing!” materials and texts to support and enhance math teaching throughout the fourth grade.

Taylor Lestage, Sarah Allen and fellow ELA teachers, George R. Austin Intermediate School
Teacher and student subscription for fourth and fifth grades for the “Flocabulary” program, to reinforce reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary and social studies lessons with engaging, contemporary songs and videos.

Nate Eleuterio, Freetown-Lakeville Middle School
“Show Me” interactive whiteboard app, which enables sixth grade students to watch a video overview of a lesson made by their teacher, to review or get additional help on a topic at home.

Melissa Lever/Katie Gallagher, Freetown-Lakeville Middle School
Museum of Science heat and temperature presentation for eighth grade students.

Jonathan Kelly, Apponequet Regional High School
Vex Robotics kits to enable the high school to start up a new Technology and Engineering Club.

2013-2014 School Year

Julie Mills, Apponequet Regional High School
To fund supplies and travel for students to compete in the Massachusetts Physics Olympics, an annual competition for high school students sponsored by the American Association of Physics Teachers.

Maura Erwin, Apponequet Regional High School
To fund a smart board projector for use by the Visual Arts Department to help students analyze, interpret and judge their own works of art and art from around the globe.

Amanda Nardi, Apponequet Regional High School
To fund headsets/microphones to enable language students to practice various exercises, and to prepare for and to administer the AP Spanish exam.

Jocelyn Lanyi, Freetown Elementary School
To fund an iPad to enhance curriculum for preschool students in the Freetown/Lakeville Early Childhood Center.

Lisa Cloutier, Freetown Elementary School
To fund supplemental materials, aps and iPad stylus for use with special education students.

Jennifer Phair, Assawompset Elementary School
To fund expanding the Social Thinking curriculum used by counselors and speech-language pathologists to the broader student base.